Education in Human Values

Education in Human Values is a program developed in the UK and now in use at schools around the world. It is designed to help children understand and practice the values that lead to peaceful and caring families, schools and communities. Treleven is the sponsoring organization for the American version of these materials. It shows great promise in addressing challenges such as bullying and prejudice as noted by a teacher  in Massachusetts who has been using the curriculum for a while:

“This program is a great guide in helping students build character, which is being undermined in many societies. Brilliance of the mind is not an answer to the problems that beset our society today. Our children need to learn how to work with each other in harmony and compassion and to help those that are falling behind, by being role models, by emulating values and developing leadership qualities.”

Vermont has been selected as a pilot site for evaluating the outcomes of this program  which means that funding is available for implementation in 20 schools. Teachers will gather at Treleven to review progress during the summer of 2012.

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