Susannah McCandless

Susannah is a human-environment geographer and political ecologist who completed her PhD at Clark University in Massachusetts, USA in 2010. Her fieldwork in the U.S. and Latin America focuses on questions of conservation of privately-held land and the possibility of that it may function as a commons; and how gender, race, and ethnicity affect rights of access and movement. She has taught human geography at the University of Vermont, environmental studies at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and worked formally and informally with organizations focused on land reform, community forestry (Vermont Family Forests), ethnbiology (International Society of Ethnobiology), environmental justice (Worcester Roots Project), and migrant farmworkers (Addison County Farm Worker Coalition). Raised in Vermont, USA, Susannah is interested in the critical intersections between viable landscapes and just human livelihoods. Susannah is a native speaker of English, and also speaks Spanish and French. She is presently employed as the Interim International Program Director for the Global Diversity Foundation. Susannah lives at Treleven Farm with her husband, Ethan Mitchell.

You can download Susannah’s CV here: McCandlessCV2011.

Selected publications and working papers:

Radel, C., Schmook, B. I., and S. R. McCandless. 2010. Environment, Transnational Labor Migration, and Gender: Case Studies from Southern Mexico and Vermont, USA. Population and Environment Special Issue 32: 177-197.

McCandless, S. R. and M. R. Emery. 2008. Partial Power, Partial Knowledge: Accounting for the Dis-Integration of a Costa Rican Cooperative. Society and Natural Resources 21:310-323.

Turner, B. L. II, and S. R. McCandless. 2004. A Brief History of the Human-Environment Condition: How Humankind Came to Rival Nature. In Earth System Analysis for Sustainability. H.-J. Schellnhuber, P.J. Crutzen, W.C. Clark, and M. Claussen, eds. Dahlem Workshop Report Series 91. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Franklin, O., Ruíz, A., and McCandless, S. 2007. Addison County Health Needs. In Assessing the Health Status, Health Care Needs, and Barriers to Care For Migrant Farm Labor in Franklin, Addison, and Grand Isle Counties. Assessment for Vermont Department of Health, sponsored by People of Addison County Together.  Middlebury, VT and Burlington, VT.

In preparation:

McCandless, S. R., and D. B. Wells. In preparation. Access, block, or prospect? Mapping the purpose of landprotection in a highly conserved landscape.

McCandless, S. R. In preparation. Stewarding the private commons: Woodland tenure security, access, and conservation in Vermont.

McCandless, S. R. In preparation. Invisible laborers in iconic landscapes: Mexican migrant farmworkers in contemporary Vermont dairy agriculture.

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