Spiritual and Personal Growth

Treleven strives to foster a healthy attunement between the day-to-day concerns of human existence and the natural world that supports and surrounds us. We believe that the farm’s setting and its manifestation of natural processes can be conducive to personal and spiritual growth, and many of our programmatic offerings attempt to explore that connection. In the recent past, these initiatives have included:

  • Experiment with Light” guided meditations;
  • Creation of a classical seven-circuit Labyrinth within a former sugarbush as an aid to meditation;
  • Offering an adult class on writing nature-based personal essays, “Stories in the Land,” in partnership with Hogback Community College;
  • Providing a setting for Master Classes in Narrative Therapy, offered by the Re-Authoring Teaching program;
  • Partnering with Addison County Home Health and Hospice to explore end-of-life issues;
  • Partnering with Five Town Friends of the Arts to provide materials and settings which help people reflect on their experiences in nature;
  • Partnering with Whole Heart, Inc., to offer workshops on intergenerational leadership.

Treleven also offers Personal Retreats—an opening into quiet time in a beautiful place for individual mediation and spiritual refreshment. For this purpose, we can provide use of The Annex at no charge for periods of a few days up to one week. To apply for this opportunity, please send a note of inquiry and one letter of reference to Cheryl Mitchell at  cheryl.w.mitchell@gmail.com. We’ll consider these requests as quickly as possible, and set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss possibilities.

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