Invisible Odysseys

B. Amore, Worker/Artist, and Mexican Consul Fernando Estrada-Semano, in front of the Invisible Odysseys Exhibition

Invisible Odysseys is an art project which focuses on the lives of Mexican Farmworkers in Vermont. The goal of the project is to communicate the often submerged experiences of immigration and ethnicity through material culture, connecting the common threads of past and present journeys.

These Farmworkers have made dangerous, arduous, costly, cross-border journeys to reach Vermont, where their labor underpins the dairy industry and its iconic agricultural landscape.  You can read more about the project and the artists here.

The project was conceived on Treleven Farm, where several dairy farm workers were visiting with friends and local artists.  In honor of that early connection, Treleven Inc. has sponsored many programs related to the lives of migrant workers.  The most recent was a celebration of the work held on the farm on April 20, 2012.  The exhibit is now viewable at the Fairfax Library, in Fairfax VT. An on-line course related to the project is in the planning stages.  The Invisible Odysseys exhibition at the Vermont Folk Life Center in 2012, exceeded all previous records for attendance. The exhibition will most likely travel to Mexico during 2013.

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