Environmental Awareness and Education

Whenever people gather at Treleven, the farm’s remarkable setting participates in the conversations and interactions that take place. All events scheduled here incorporate some measure of exposure to and exploration of the surrounding landscape. The fields and forests at Treleven are managed with a focus on sustainable practices, promotion of biodiversity and protection of various natural communities—some of them quite rare—that exist on the farm. This makes Treleven a laboratory for environmental education, which we promote in such ways as:

  • Being open to visits from anyone who wants to thoughtfully explore (on foot, or via snowshoes or cross-country skis) the farm’s several miles of marked trails;
  • Sponsoring field trips from school groups and childcare organizations;
  • Offering occasional workshops and internships that deal with such topics as rotational grazing, sheep husbandry, forest management, beekeeping, local geology, animal tracking and wildlife habitat enhancement;
  • Providing a home for Wren’s Nest Forest Preschool, a licensed educational program operated by the Willowell Foundation.

If you’d like to plan a visit to explore Treleven, please call ahead to the home of Don and Cheryl Mitchell (802) 545-2278. Someone will be happy to greet you when you arrive, orient you to the farm’s terrain and give you a map of our hiking trails.

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