Treleven has been fortunate to host interns whose primary interests are farming and the environment. We often partner with Middlebury College.

Barn at Night

Over the years, more than a thousand students in the Environmental Studies Program have spent a night in the barn, delivering lambs and experiencing life and death more intimately.

Food Works Internships

We have also been very fortunate to be part of the Food Works Program for many years.  This internship helps students gain a hands-on perspective of the local farming, food systems, and food challenges.  The intern works at the farm two days a week, learning all aspects of the farm and forest operation, and works at the Addison county Parent/Child Center two days a week, learning about food scarcity, public programs that support nutrition, and food preparation for large groups.  Our Board member, John Elder, designed and taught the course that accompanied the Internships.

Logan Warshaw, from Massachusetts, was our 2019 intern. He brought a great love of acting, films and film-making. His recent experiences with the food systems in France greatly enhanced our summer.


Charlie Rouhandah

Part of the series of explanatory watercolors created by Charlie.

Megan and Don load the fleeces for the Wool PoolCharlie came to us from New York, with many years of experience working on farms. The watercolors he created helped to revamp our whole approach to nature camp. Now most of the sites on the farm have both a Leopold Bench and an explanation  of the animals, birds, or insects likely to be found in that area.






Bringing in hay

Megan with the Neighborhood Hay Crew






Megan Cousino was the first FoodWorks intern, during the summer of 2014. Here she is working with Don to load the fleeces for the wool pool. And with the neighborhood Hay Crew.


Emma Homans comes from Huntington, VT, and worked both on the farm and at the Parent/Child Center as a summer intern through June and July of 2015. Emma attended Middlebury College where she studied Human Ecology, a mix of environmental studies and anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, and cross-country skiing. Her favorite vegetable is either kale or cucumbers. After graduating from Middlebury, she went on to work as an Americorps with the Youth Conservation Corps, There she helped to create the program that gives CSA shares as a health benefit to people with limited incomes.

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