Ethan Mitchell

Ethan at Thanksgiving
Ethan Mitchell, is currently a Vermont Advisor and Project Leader for not back to school camp.
He is a scruffy-looking gentleman who likes to work with stone, ideas, and paper. He collects questions. He has spent most of the last few years taking care of his lover, who got (and so far has beaten) leukemia. He is eternally inspired by unschoolers, and yet remains somewhat suspicious of unschooling. Having worked for the last few years at a homeschooling center that has evolved into a school, Ethan is now mostly leaving the teaching gig to become a mad scientist. We’ll see how that goes.
In five or so sessions at NBTSC, Ethan has taught workshops on the history of unschooling, statistics, the Bible, stone carving, alternative currencies, natural history, how to ask questions, and he can’t remember what else. He recommends reading William Blake and Ursula Leguin, walking across a major city and a major mountain range, getting a job you hate and a job you love, and learning to cook something incredibly complicated. He has opinions about things. Ethan serves as an educational consultant for the Walden Project, where he teaches social history. His class is popularly known as the Ethan Mitchell Show. It draws on his widespread and eclectic reading and his social research.
Ethan is a classically self taught individual. He traveled around the world (mostly on foot) when he was 17: learned carpentry and community engagement working for Habitat for Humanity in the inner city of Baltimore and the Altiplano of Bolivia. He learned about global economics working in the aging gold mines of Bolivia, about ecosystems traveling down the Amazon to collect botanical specimens and about political processes and social change helping to build roads, lay in water lines, and prevent violence as a friendly presence with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, He is a writer, blogger, builder, and ecstatic cook.
You can follow his fiction writing here:
And some of his social research and philosophical writing here:

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