Friends and Associates

Beth Anne Royer works for the City of Bridgeport as a Project Manager (busting out 500 page budgets) and webmaster. She lives in a city, works in a city, and spends a lot of time thinking about why they do & don’t work.  She enjoys contemplating spaces where commerce, surprises, and art can all get along. She writes poetry and other prose, and reads a lot. She helped Treleven get this virtual space together.

Kirk Webster is a master natural Queen Breeder living near Middlebury, VT. He has no online prescence, nor cell phone, but once we get a hold of him and went out to see his hives we were taken by his generosity and charm. He now brings students from his internationally famous class on beekeeping out to the farm once a year.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 11.18.53.png

B. Amore is an artist, sculptor, writer, and social justice worker. The Invisible Odysseys project was her creation.

We partner with many organizations, among them:

Reauthoring Teaching

NOFA Vermont

Vermont Coverts

Middlebury Community Television

Whole Heart, Inc.

Migrant Justice

Vermont Family Forests

Wren’s Nest Pre-school

Farm-Based Education Network

Let’s Grow Kids

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