Treleven in September

1 Nov

HarvestThis was a gorgeous month on the farm. The day after returning from a hike on the Cotswold Way in England (we saw thousands of sheep and miles of beautiful stone fences and hedgerows) we were able to welcome the Middlebury College Orientation group. They spent the weekend exploring the farms of Addison County and the role of the Migrant Farmworkers in the VT economy. It was a thrill to spend time with such open and interested young people.

New Pasture

New Pasture

Our sheep became truly spoiled as fresh new pastures were opened to them every few days. It was the only way to keep up with the lushly growing grass. With the garden almost harvested, we had time to turn toward more contemplative occupations, including thinking about how to use the resources of the farm as a retreat center. The little poustinia, (this is the Russian name for a prayer cottage) provides a place for meditation and quiet reading and reflection. The mists of morning, rising from the pond, are a nice atmosphere for tai chi or yoga. Walking the ever-growing network of trails is yet another way we can offer some grounded time to our community. Please stop by!

Wind Chimes by the Poustinia

Wind Chimes by the Poustinia

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