Treleven in May

16 Jun

Bench in the WoodsDon with Aldo Leopold Benches

After the snows of April, the warm balmy days of May were a welcome relief. The wildflowers in the woods burst out over night, carpeting the forest floor with white and pink trillium, snow drops, hepatica, and trout lilies. The smell of wild leeks filled the air, and Kirks bees started flying again. Don made a number of Aldo Leopold benches, which have been placed along the trails. Living on Earth, the NPR show, came to tape a segment on the bat habitat management project. Our partnership with Middlebury Food Works began as Megan Cousino created the new Facebook page for Treleven.

We finished up plans for the Nature Program that will begin June 19. You can download a copy of the Treleven Nature program Registration here. Next month we will be continuing Experiment with Light, holding Tai Chi practice sessions down by the pond, and hosting an international class on Narrative Therapy that was organized by board member Peggy Sax. Although that class was over subscribed, you can now reserve spaces in the Master Classes for 2015 and 2016.

Our newest and very exciting partnership is with Hogback Community College that will by sponsoring Stories in the Land a 5 session writing workshop taught by John Elder and Don Mitchell. The course begins October 7. You can read more about the course and download a registration form here.

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