Looking Back-Looking Forward

9 Apr


14 Bat habitat management walks: held each Saturday morning at 10:00 from August to November. Typically lasting 90 minutes


Evening walk and open session for the Vermont Coverts Cooperators


4 lab sessions for the Middlebury College Environmental studies program (in April)


Lambing season with the assistance of Middlebury Students and alums: 3 weeks following an initial orientation at Weybridge House


2 Workshops for first year students: one focusing on the management of the farm and the other on the role of migrant workers in the agricultural community. Students from the second group camped out on the farm.


Jim Andrews Tree Identification Class (in conjunction with Hogback Community College)


Treleven as the retreat site for J-Term Class, Spirit of Change


Igloo construction


Culminating Seminar for Child Care Workers met under our auspices


Accepted as a partner for Food Works


Experiment with Light Session


Ethan and Susannah hosted extended stays for Global Diversity Foundation participants (a photographer and film maker from Cyprus and a political ecologist from Turkey).


Invisible Odysseys exhibit on display at the Middlebury Inn in conjunction with the Farm Health Task Force Training


Upcoming events:

Herpetology class from UVM visiting the farm with Jim Andrews (April 6)


Master Class with Maggie Carey June 12 and 13: organized by Peggy Sax, bonfires by Don and Ethan.


Summer Internship June 1- August 8. Megan Cousino will be our intern

Weekly Four Winds workshops for parents and young children (most likely Wednesday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30 with families welcome to stay longer if they wish. Organized by Erin Ruble with help from Cheryl and Megan


Monthly Experiment with light sessions: most likely 4:30 – 5:30, first Wednesday of each month


Visit from Donna Eder and David Duffee from the Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat June 21 – 29. There will most likely be an open sharing forum on the role of retreat centers in our lives


2014 Lambing Season, in conjunction with Weybridge House and the College Garden and Farm Coalition


Living on Earth Taping re: Flying Blind May 15


Workshop on building Leopold Benches (not yet scheduled)


Workshop on basket making with Maura Clancy (not yet scheduled)


5 session writing workshop with Don and John. Likely 2 sessions at the end of Aug and 3 in October (in conjunction with Hog Back Community College)


2 orientation sessions for first year students (mid Sept)


Narrative Therapy Master Class for 2015 will be on Narrative Psychiatry, led by SuEllen Hampkins


Additional possibilities:


Mother/Daughter narrative group workshop with SuEllen Hampkins


Workshop with Steve Blackmer: founder of Church of the Woods


Workshop with Emily Ryan based on the work of Joanna Macy: “The Work that Reconnects”: http://workthatreconnects.org/.


Healing through poetry with Jane Jackson


Grant Writing with Susannah and Cheryl




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