Treleven in January

15 Feb

The new year started with ice covered fields, unlike anything we have ever seen. Our nephew from Dallas strapped on his hockey skates and turned the whole farm into a skating rink. For us just putting out hay for the sheep in the morning became an amazing challenge. We started feeding grain and for reasons unknown, the sheep have become very polite, waiting outside the gate while we get things ready and coming in only when invited. We think it might be the effect of having only one ram this year, instead of our usual two. Lambing will begin in April, let us know if you would like to come help.

This was the second year that the Middlebury College J-Term class: Spirit of Change, met on the farm for two retreat days. We scrambled up the back cliff for lunch one day, but stayed in the warmth of the annex for the second day. The students all did placements at local non-profits and created short YouTube videos about them. We explored ways to create communities that offer pathways to prosperity for all members and created a short book based on the course work.

Spirit of Change Class on the Back Cliff

Spirit of Change Class on the Back Cliff

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