Treleven in February

16 May


This winter that wasn’t, provided many opportunities to be outside in sunny and beautiful weather. The last session of Spirit of Change was warm and gorgeous enough to allow us to climb the back cliff and spend a short time meditating as a group. We held a gathering and reception for Nomadicare; the program that supports the integration of traditional and modern medicine in Mongolia. It was an opportunity for supporters to meet the young child Nara, who had been severely burned in a gers fire two years ago. She and her mother were in the US thanks to the generosity of many, to be operated on at the Shriners Hospital in Boston. The operations were successful and now Nara is cheerfully walking again!  The installation of the Invisible Odysseys exhibit at the Vermont Folk Life Center garnered much attention. The programming which accompanied the exhibit was very well received. There was much activity related to early childhood planning and farm worker justice issues. Peggy Sax, of Reauthoring Teaching, was well underway planning an international gathering here in the fall. Don continued to work on the forest management project, opening up roosting habitat for endangered bats and gathering a great supply of future firewood at the same time.

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