Treleven in July

29 Jul

Middlebury College Organic Garden Interns at Treleven

This was a gorgeous month on the farm. The first cut of hay now fills the barn. Many thanks to our international friends and neighborhood children for helping to bring it in.  We have had several meetings, some in the gazebo and some in the annex. A group of early childhood dreamers took a morning to remember what has been wonderful in Vermont and to imagine how things could get even better in the future. This event was a tribute to the days when Senator Jean Ankeney used to gather people in her beautiful barn to dream and scheme. Culminating Seminar participants shared their final projects with one another and with Jan Walker, Director of Workforce Development for the Child Development Division of AHS and Sue Ryan, Director of the Vermont Child Care Industries and Career Council.  We had a fun and productive potluck supper and discussion with the Middlebury College Organic Garden Interns and their Advisor Jay Leshinsky. They had great ideas for creating internship opportunities for the summer of 2012.  Don laid in a 600 foot water line to provide fresh, clean water down by the gazebos. A 66th Anniversary and a 95th birthday were celebrated with great joy. We hope you will visit or join us for the working retreat and open house day on August 18.

Ninety Five!

Bringing in the First Cut Hay

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