Treleven in MAY

3 Jun

Don and the bottle lamb

May was a busy and wet month on the farm.  The Annual Lamb Frolic on May 7, despite the earlier week of rain, was a beautiful day, attended by neighbors, friends, and the wonderful crew who helped birth the lambs.  We washed one of the newly shorn fleeces and will soon begin carding and spinning. The Invisible Odysseys Course (which starts August 17) was approved for graduate credit by Castleton State College. On May 26, the statewide celebration for 10 years of Touchpoints in Vermont, drew participants from every county of the state. Next will be the Faculty Retreat here on the farm and a series of new trainings around the state.  We look forward to beginning the Working Meditation Retreat series with the participation of child care directors who are part of the Culminating Seminar. Our first event for the teachers and program directors who are implementing the Education in Human Values Curriculum will take place June 20. This will be followed in July with a week long residency by a Buddhist Monk, who went to school with Susannah.  Hope you can join us.

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