Treleven in March

15 Mar

Feeding Bottle Babies

Major goals of Treleven are to share the life of the farm and the excitement of our individual work with others. Any of our board members may be posting updates here. If you’d like to join them, let us know.

On the farm: The record snow fall is beginning to recede from the woods and pastures, and the ewes are now visibly pregnant. We are looking forward to lambing season which will begin on April 9.  Last year a group of Yuki Yoshida’s friends and Don’s students took turns spending the night in the barn office to help deliver babies.

Now that the driveway no longer requires constant plowing, we are beginning to plan events on the farm. We hope you will join us, or perhaps propose a skill share of your own.

One Response to “Treleven in March”

  1. Jean Arrowsmith July 2, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

    I just found your website after reading John Flowers’ article in the AI. What an impressive job the website is, and how impressive what you are doing. Congratulations!

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