Inanc Tekguc

Inanc Tekguc is a film maker from Cyprus. As he said in his application:

I am visiting this side of the Atlantic at a time when I seek personal regeneration and growth, which I think is a necessity for many of us on a regular basis like welcoming a favorite season, for “refreshing the spirit”. For the past five years I have found this reviving feeling, at the Global Environments Summer Academy, a gathering of change-makers from around the world who are environmentally and socially active and caring. While we take a break from GESA this year, I hope to find similar inspiration in my travels in Northern America.

Inanc is a tremendously talented film maker, you can see from his work for GDF

While at Treleven he did a deliberate series of time lapse photographs at various locations on the farm.  We look forward to seeing this work someday, but Inanc ran up against customs and immigration services, who would not let him back into the United States after he made a short visit to Montreal to see friends. Treleven Board member Susannah McCandless has been able to reconnect with him out side of the US, but we are very distressed by the way he was treated here.

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